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Identity of actor who will step into gay role on US soap Days of Our Lives revealed

Guy Wilson to replace two-time Emmy winner Chandler Massey as Will Horton

Identity of actor who will step into gay role on US soap Days of Our Lives revealed

The identity of the actor replacing the acclaimed Chandler Massey as the gay character of Will Horton on NBC’s Days of Our Lives had been a well-kept secret.

But the secret is out: it’s Guy Wilson.

The news was revealed Wednesday (11 September) night in an unexpected way when fellow cast member Jen Lilley let the cat out of the bag on the Blog Talk Radio series, Lather Up With Littany.

Lilley was talking about the difficulties and challenges being a recast on a daytime soap opera, especially of a popular character.

According to MichaelFairmanSoaps, she said: ‘I am very worried for Guy Wilson, who is replacing Chandler, because I love Chandler.  It’s really hard to be a recast, and I can understand from an audiences point of view also why it’s hard. It’s tricky. I always give the analogy of my favorite show: If anyone but Michael C. Hall played Dexter, I would freak out.’

Then she added: ‘I hope people will be nice to Guy Wilson, because there is a scary thing built into being a recast because of the audience, and the awesome fan base.  You guys are so loyal!’

Wilson had posted on his Facebook page this week: ‘Some exciting news… can’t talk about it just yet… but stay tuned.’

The character of Will has been groundbreaking for the soap and won Massey two consecutive Daytime Emmy Awards.

Will had a dramatic coming out story that saw him learn to accept himself then come out to his family and then to the entire small town of Salem where the show is set.

Will then fell in love with Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) but early on, the couple had to weather the fact that Will’s ex-girlfriend, Gabi, had become pregnant with his child. In current episodes, Will, Sonny and Gabi are sharing an apartment and raising the child together.

While the storyline has been well-handled, the transition from Massey to Wilson has so far not been.

Massey was prepared to work through the end of his four-year contract in December but producers abruptly let him out of it more then three months early.

Although Massey told Gay Star News on his final day on the set that there was no ill will between he and producers, actor Charlie Sheen – with whom Massey shares a publicist – angrily tweeted that the young actor had been ‘fired.

Massey has taken the high road and not commented on reports that he was blindsided by being let out of his contract so early.