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IKEA’s rainbow pillow PUTIN is a fake

IKEA’s rainbow pillow PUTIN is a fake

IKEA has confirmed the picture of a rainbow pillow case PUTIN is a fake.

Over the weekend, the photo was widely shared on Twitter and Facebook as the epitome of the Swedish home improvement company’s beliefs in equality for LGBTI people.

The rainbow pillow cases were reportedly found in a Stockholm branch, possibly a thinly veiled message after IKEA was forced to close its online magazine over Russia’s gay propaganda laws.

Twitter and Facebook fans celebrated the pillow cases, applauding the furniture giant for its cunning marketing.

An IKEA spokesperson has confirmed the picture was a fake, saying the pillowcase is no longer sold in stores and never had the name PUTIN.

‘The cushion in the photo is called SKARUM and is no longer for sale in IKEA stores,’ they said.

‘We stopped selling the product in October 2014 to make way for new designs in our range. We can’t comment on the origin of the photo as the name of the cushion was SKARUM the entire time it was on sale.

‘However, we would never make political statements with the naming of our products.’