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Illinois lawmaker Jeanne Ives says gays have ‘disordered relationships’

Illinois lawmaker Jeanne Ives says gays have ‘disordered relationships’

Illinois lawmaker Jeanne Ives called homosexual relationships ‘disordered’ during a radio interview explaining why she was voting against a gay marriage bill in her state.

Ives, a Republican member of the House of Representatives, said in an interview with Catholic Conference of Illinois Radio: ‘They are trying to redefine marriage – it is a completely disordered relationship … When you have a disordered relationship, you don’t ever get order out of that, so I am more than happy to take the no vote on the issue of homosexual marriage.’

Ives was just elected to the House in November and represents the state’s 42nd District.

She said in the same radio interview that she sees herself as ‘courageous’ for being willing to vote against gay marriage.

‘I’m more than happy to stand up and take the courageous vote here on this issue, because it’s the right thing to do,’ she said. ‘Essentially what they’re trying to do is not just redefine marriage, they’re trying to redefine society … They’re trying to weasel their way in to acceptability so they can start to push their agenda down into the schools… We can’t allow that to happen.’

Ives added: ‘The rights to marriage, it’s really a natural right. It’s the natural right of the child to be with both parents, either in an adoptive nature or in a biological nature. To not have a mother and a father is really a disordered state for a child to grow up in and it really makes that child an object of desire rather than the result of a matrimony.’

The gay marriage bill faces an uphill climb in the House. Speaker Michael Madigan told the Chicago Tribune today (13 March) that it is ’12 votes short of passage.’

It will take 60 votes to pass a bill in the House. A formal vote has not yet been scheduled.