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Illinois passes legislature for bill banning conversion therapy

The bill will now go to governer Bruce Rauner

Illinois passes legislature for bill banning conversion therapy

The Senate passed on a bill 34-19 on Friday, which would ban conversion therapy in Illinois. The bill now heads to the governer, Bruce Rauner. 

Specifically, the bill would ban any programs which attempt to change the sexual orientation of people under eighteen.

Samantha Ames of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, which supported the bill, said: "We couldn’t be prouder to add Illinois to the list of legislatures that have acted to protect LGBT youth.

"We hope governor Bruce Rauner will join fellow Republicans like Chris Christie, who signed New Jersey’s conversion therapy ban in 2013.”

Rauner is a Republican whom Illinois’ gay activists intially opposed as Governer.

However, as reported in the Chicago Tribune, they have reported they’ve since found "common ground" with the governer, though nothing which reveals how he will respond now the bill has been passed to him.

Opposition to the bill said it would interfere with the rights of parents to raise their children as they wish.

Conversion therapies are universally considered to be ineffectual or harmful by the larger western counselling and psychology organisations, including the American Pyschological Association (APA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). Illinois is the 4th state in the United States to have passed such a bill.

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