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‘I’m not gay no more’ viral star goes after Beyonce

‘I’m not gay no more’ viral star goes after Beyonce

Viral star Andrew Caldwell promises an album that will make his fame ever lasting

Some will run after the fame treadmill, no matter how foolish they look. Take ‘Exhibit A’: Andrew Caldwell. In 2014 he earned viral notoriety after declaring, in a St. Louis church,  he was ‘delivert’ from wanting  men.

He also announced he would not wear a dress or carry a purse. He attempted to turn this histrionic missive into a song, but the church blocked his avenue to the limelight (they sued).

Caldwell is back. He’s announcing that this spring he will release an album.

‘Get ready, y’all. My new music is coming out March 4th,’ he says, in a video clip. ‘I am the new Kevin Hart [and] LeBron James,’ he continues, referring to the actor and National Basketball Association star.

He’s certain this project will break the Internet. However, he does have one worry.

‘I’m just praying, and asking God, that Beyonce does not steal my music,’ he says.

Predictions are usually silly, but we can bet on the following: the Queen Bee will not borrow notes from a star like Mr.Caldwell.

Below is the clip. Start saving up. It’s going to be a revolution.

h/t: NewNowNext