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I’m obsessed with Hayley Williams’ friendship with hair stylist Brian O’Connor

I’m obsessed with Hayley Williams’ friendship with hair stylist Brian O’Connor

Hayley Williams and Brian O'Connor

It’s no secret that I’m practically in love with Paramore front-woman Hayley Williams. And though Pride Month may be over now, Hayley’s close bond with her hairstylist/business partner Brian O’Connor continues to be #friendshipgoals.

Who is Brian?

is behind many of Hayley’s iconic looks, including the neon orange hair with crested bangs made famous by the hit song Misery Business.

Hayley and Brian’s friendship

Three years ago, Hayley and Brian began making videos for the YouTube channel Popular TV called Kiss Off, where they’d give hair and makeup tutorials together.

And over the last couple years, Hayley and Brian became business partners with the hair dye brand goodDYEyoung. The brand sells vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent hair dyes in a variety of colors—many inspired by Hayley’s looks over the years.

Pride Month

On 8 June, Hayley announced her admiration of Brian, who is openly gay, on Twitter:

Throughout Pride Month, Brian provided Hayley with beautiful rainbow and glitter looks for her to rock onstage during Paramore’s summer tour. @gooddyeyoung @colormebrian

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Basically, this kind of long-standing, collaborative, creative friendship is something I think everyone needs in their lives. Here’s to Hayley and Brian!

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