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WATCH: This guy’s impression of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye has us in tears

WATCH: This guy’s impression of Antoni Porowski from Queer Eye has us in tears

Antoni Porowski (left) and his doppelgänger, Benito Skinner

Avocado-loving, Instagram boyfriend-meeting and all-round heart-throb Antoni Poworski is anything but predictable.

The fab five member stole everyone’s hearts with his quiet charms as the show’s food and wine expert.

But other than his movie star good looks and aggressive band t-shirt collection (from the Strokes to the Strokes to even more Strokes) there’s more to this guy than meets the eye.

Well, that is, to everyone except actor Benito Skinner. Whose vague physical similarity to Porowski has long been a trope of his Instagram’s comment section.

And it all culminated when Skinner posted a video of him impersonating sweet Porowski last week (20 March). And it’s disturbingly on point.

Is he as good looking, though?

In the video, the comedian explores Seattle with the same outlook on life as Porowski; complete with trademark Porowski neckerchief, bomber jacket and dance moves.

In his eerily spot-on voice, Skinner waxes french and adds: ‘Sometimes, when they ask my name, I say Tan.

‘It’s so precocious!’

When studying a flower stall, Skinner-as-Porowski asks the damming questions: ‘Are these flowers from the gardens of Kanazawa, Japan?’

Check out Skinner’s Oscar award-winning impression, which has over 310,000 views, below:


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What about the real Porowski?

While the actual Porowski has yet to react to his doppelgänger, it might be because he’s been busy.

The model recently joined Andy Cohen on the seat of Watch What Happens Live.

There he admitted he’s ‘been with more women than men’ and revealed he slid into his current boyfriend’s Instagram DMs.  

Meanwhile, he’s been kept busy clarifying why he looked bummed out next to Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale in that infamous meme.

He also turned 36 earlier this month and dropped a cookbook. Have your avocados at the ready.

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