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India doctor commits suicide, abusive gay husband arrested

India doctor commits suicide, abusive gay husband arrested

An Indian doctor slashed her wrists in an apparent suicide Saturday (18 April), blaming the emotional abuse her husband subjected her to after she found out he was gay.

Priya Vedi, 31, was found lying in blood at a New Delhi hotel early the next morning.

Her husband, also a doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, has been arrested for abetment of suicide.

In a suicide note posted on Facebook, Priya said they had been married for five years but had not had sex until recently.

‘After 6 month of marriage I searched for the reason why [he was] unable to make relations with me,’ she wrote.

‘I found a fake gmail account on his laptop in which he was chatting with his gay friends and gay porns, gay pics, connection with gay communities and these messages were before of our marriage.’

Her husband said someone had hacked his computer, which Priya said she believed ‘with suspicion.’ He admitted that he was gay or bisexual last month.

‘But then he started to find faults in me and my family,’ she wrote.

‘They tortured me a lot mentally in these five years. In these five years I was just wife tag for him.

‘And last night he tortured me emotionally so I am unable to take breath with him… I loved you a lot and in return you took all my happiness from me. You are not a human being you are a devil, who took away my life from me.’

Towards the end of her note, she pleaded with other gay men not to marry women.

‘If someone in the society is like him please don’t marry to a girl to save yourself, you people by doing so not playing only with someone emotions also with a girl and her family’s life,’ she wrote.