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India: Maharashtra health minister says gays need ‘psychological treatment’

India: Maharashtra health minister says gays need ‘psychological treatment’

Maharashtra’s health minister has come under fire for saying LGBTI people need ‘psychological treatment.’

Deepak Sawant made the comment Monday (23 March) in response to an opposition lawmaker’s question about the state government’s plan to curb HIV transmission in the LGBTI community.

‘There is a need for psychological treatment and counselling of the community. We would work with NGOs working in the sector,’ he told the state legislative assembly.

In January, Goa’s Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Ramesh Tawadkar made international headlines after he announced plans to set up gay ‘rehab’ centers.

The opposing Aam Aadmi Party condemned Sewant’s statement as regressive, grossly insensitive and violative of basic human rights, and demanded an apology from the minister as well as clarification of the government’s stance on LGBTI issues.

‘AAP had supported the rights of sexual minorities in the past while they were protesting for their rights in Delhi. AAP is also committed to decriminalization of homosexuality,’ the party said in a statement.

‘The matter is sub-judice in the Supreme Court and our elected representatives must have an open legislative discussion based on facts on the issue rather than make ridiculous and factually incorrect remarks.’