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India airs its first ever gay dating reality TV episode and it’s super cute

India airs its first ever gay dating reality TV episode and it’s super cute

Atmaj Vyas for MTV Elevator Pitch

India aired its first ever reality television episode featuring same-sex attracted people tonight (16 November).

MTV’s Elevator Pitch is a reality dating show where contestants try to win a date, while riding in an elevator. The time between two floors is all that each dater gets to make a pitch.

And tonight’s episode was the first ever time they’ve had an all-male cast of 10 contestants vying for the attention of one lucky suitor.

Co-host of the show Cyrus Sahukar said at the start of the episode: ‘As India takes a progressive leap by decriminalizing Section 377…’

’10 boys will pitch themselves over 10 floors to one lucky boy,’ co-host Gaelyn Mendonca finishes.

‘I still can’t believe I came out on national television’

The special episode features stylist and blogger Atmaj Vyas as the main prize, with a host of adorable guys trying to win his affection.

Among them is Rahul Bharti, who took the opportunity to come out as gay while on the show.

‘It wasn’t easy,’ Bharti told the Indian Express. ‘I still can’t believe I came out on national television.

‘It took time for my family to process everything but I know they will be fine. I am thankful to the show for giving me the platform,’ he said.

Elevator Pitch host Cyrus Sahukar believes the episode is important to show representation of LGBTI people in India.

He said: ‘It only makes sense to have an episode with people from the LGBTQ Community. At the end of the day, it deals with people meeting others, dating and love.

‘Eventually, love and dating are pretty similar for everyone. Everybody is looking for someone they like and can enjoy with,’ he said.

India decriminalized homosexuality on 6 September this year.

Since then, many Indian LGBTI people publicly came out to friends and family.

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