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India statistics include trans people for first time

India statistics include trans people for first time

Transgender women in Delhi.

At least 16 transgender people died of suicide in India last year and another 106 died in accidents, according to data released earlier this month.

The National Crime Records Bureau report marks the first time that transgender people have been listed as a separate category in official statistics, since the Supreme Court recognized them as ‘third sex’ in April last year.

However, the transgender column mostly filled with zeroes and activists say the data has been grossly under- or misreported. The court ruling also only came midway through 2014 so transgender statistics were not collected for the first half the year.

Only five of the 29 states reported any transgender suicides, even though the trans suicide rate is known to be high due to social stigma.

‘Suicides among transgenders happen mostly when they come to terms with reality about their gender but the family reject them,’ Kalki Subramanian, a transgender activist and poet, told the New Indian Express.

‘In such cases, when the family reports the incident to police, the deceased person is reported as a boy or a girl.’

Speaking to DNA, a Delhi-based transgender Rurani said: ‘Another reason for suicide can be the lack of opportunities faced by the community be it in getting an education or jobs.’

The data backs up her claim.

Thirteen of the 16 transgender people who died by suicide were aged between 18 and 30, four were un-employed, two were self employed and the 10 others were engaged in ‘other professions.’ Twelve earned less than 10,000 rupees ($156.62) a month.