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India trans woman pushed off train, dies

India trans woman pushed off train, dies

An Indian transgender woman died yesterday after she was pushed off a moving train in Bangalore.

Mahadevi, 22, was pushed by two youths and died on the spot, witnesses told the New Indian Express.

Passengers caught the youths and beat them. They were planning to hand them over to the police but the youths escaped.

Mahadevi was speech-impaired and used to beg on the Bangalore-Hubli Intercity Express. She had boarded the train at 1.30 pm.

A boy who sells tea on the train told her community and they rushed to the scene.

A railway police officer said, ‘We heard about a body on the tracks and have registered a case. We are trying to ascertain if Mahadevi fell from the train or was pushed to death.’

Her body has been sent to a hospital for a post-mortem.