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Indian actor Imran Khan answers ignorant questions about gay people

Indian actor Imran Khan answers ignorant questions about gay people

Indian Bollywood star Imran Khan has become the latest high profile Indian entertainer to stand up against homophobia and the criminalization of gay sex by the country’s Supreme Court, hosting a series of online videos in which he answers ignorant questions about homosexuality.

Responding to questions about what gays will do now that that gay sex is illegal again he suggests that they might just close the curtains to avoid prosecution, or that if both men close their eyes, there will be no witnesses for prosecutors.

Responding to questions about his sexuality because he supports gay rights he says he must also be a dolphin because he supports the ethical treatment of animals, and that he must also be a tree because he supports environmental causes.

Responding to questions asking why people don’t just choose to be not gay he says it’s as easy as flicking a switch on the back of their necks.

‘Gay, straight, gay, straight … Don’t you just love technology?’ Khan says.

The video is just the first of a series of videos staring Khan in support of gay rights produced by Indian comedians Tanmay Bhat, Gursimran Khamba, Ashish Shakya and Rohan Joshi.

Khan told the Hindustan Times that he had no hesitations about being a prominent straight ally in the fight for LGBTI rights in India.

‘I’ve always been involved with gay rights,’ Khan said.

‘The scenario in this country is disheartening and depressing. These are basic human rights that people are being denied of – they’re no minority.

‘The idea of this initiative is to show those who do not support homosexuality how ridiculous their thinking is … We will take all the prejudices and amplify them until people realize that what they’re doing is wrong. This has become a cultural and moral issue, but morals are subjective. They are opinions, not facts. Sadly, in this country, laws are based on morality and not legality.’

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