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Indian Government posts, then deletes, Grindr-inspired nutrition advert

Indian Government posts, then deletes, Grindr-inspired nutrition advert

  • … and people are very confused.
A man looks at his phone - and the Grindr inspired message from the India Government

The Indian government is currently promoting a nutrition-awareness initiative in the country: POSHAN Abhiyan month (#poshanmaah2020). Because of this, official social media accounts are pumping out food information and promotional adverts.

However, some Twitter users expressed bemusement at one advert which appeared on the the Twitter feed of MyGovIndia on Monday. A Reddit user screenshot the advert before it mysteriously disappeared.

Gov. Of india use this to promote nourishment month from r/lolgrindr

As many GSN readers may recognize, the chat interface used in the animation looks remarkably similar to a Grindr chat. A geolocation dating app aimed at gay and bi men, Grindr has over 3.6million daily users all around the world.

The Indian government does not have a reputation for being particularly gay-friendly. It was only in 2018 that the country’s Supreme Court finally struck down laws prohibiting gay sex.

The tweeted advert swifly disappears 

The advert disappeared from Twitter several hours after people began to react to it, and this left people speculating on what had happened.

‘Glad I got a screenshot before “failed to load tweet” ROFL there’s perhaps a gay on this ad agency team having a massive laugh,’ said one.

Getting plenty of Vitamin D

On Reddit, some joked the fruit and vegetable emojis used on Grindr perhaps confused officials.

‘Maybe they saw the 🍆 and 🍑 and thought people are pretty healthy there,’ said one.

GSN contacted MyGovIndia to ask about the advert’s inspiration and its removal. We’re awaiting a response.