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India’s government will throw official party for first trans wedding

India’s government will throw official party for first trans wedding

The Kerala state government continues its leadership on trans issues and thrown a party for the country’s first trans wedding.

The first trans couple to marry in India – Ishan and Surya – tied the knot on 10 May. They both have had their genders updated on official documents such as their national ID cards.

The Kerala Social Justice Department threw the couple a lavish reception at the Dimoro Hotel on Wednesday (30 May). Local celebrities and high ranking politicians attended the party.

Surya who works a model and TV presenter was grateful her family could be at her wedding.

‘We are now officially a couple – husband and wife and we will show the world that we can love and live a marriage too,’ Surya said at the time of her wedding.

Trans advocates celebrated the wedding of the couple, saying it shows India has come far on trans rights.

‘This is a historic moment for the community of transgender persons – because there is no law on issues like marriage, adoption or atrocities against them in such situations,’ trans advocate Maya Krishnan told NDTV.

‘This marriage has been registered at the sub registrar’s office under the Special Marriage Act.’

Kerala is king

The south eastern state of Kerala is a national leader on trans equality and rights.

It was one of the first states to adopt Federal laws protecting the rights of trans people.

Kerala also led the way becoming the first state to host the first trans beauty pageant and also trans sports competition.

The state government has also set up job placements and social housing for the trans community.