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Indian High Court rules two women should be allowed to live together

Indian High Court rules two women should be allowed to live together

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The Delhi High Court in India ruled in favor of two women who want to live together.

A 36-year-old woman filed a petition with the court. She wanted the parents of her girlfriend to release after they restrained her in their house against her will.

Her girlfriend had left her house she shared with her husband in October after getting married in 2016, according to the Indian Express.

The High Court ruled the woman left her home with her husband willingly to live with her girlfriend.

It also ruled against her family’s illegal detention of her and their reasons for doing so.

‘(Her) parents of are concerned not only about her well being, but the ramifications of her relationship with the petitioner/friend, which, in their view, may be a cause for embarrassment and humiliation to them,’ the judges said in their ruling.

‘Needless to state that there can be no fetters imposed on the right of an adult woman to reside with whosoever she desires, unless the same is contrary to law.’

Section 377

After the woman left her matrimonial home, her husband filed a missing person’s report with police. But the woman then went to police to file her own statement. She told police she had moved to the other woman’s house of her own free will.

The 36-year-old woman lodged the petition with the High Court after last year’s historic court ruling that overturned Section 377 of the Penal Code. Section 377 had outlawed sexual relations between people of the same gender.

‘[The married woman], on the other hand, as a mature working woman, has clearly and unequivocally expressed her desire to reside with the petitioner and is completely averse to the fetters sought to be imposed on her freedom of choice, in this regard,’ the judges said in their ruling.

The 36-year-old woman also petitioned the court to get police protection for both women.