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Indian LGBTQ community publishes online magazine today

Indian LGBTQ community publishes online magazine today

Indian LGBTQ blog and support group Gaysi Family have published a second volume of their ezine, the Gaysi Zine, released online today.

The 64-page magazine features original pieces from queer writers and excerpts from Australian journalist Benjamin Law’s book Adventures in Gaysia and fiction author Parvati Sharma.

‘Through a print magazine such as the Gaysi Zine, we are trying to reach out through offline spaces – institutions, libraries, bookstores and word-of-mouth social
networks,’ said MJ, the founder of Gaysi Family who also bemoaned the fact there are still no queer print magazines published by the mainstream in India.

‘Essentially the zine is our way of connecting more people in the LGBTQ community to much needed stories and resources.’

Gaysi Family contributor Queer Coolie added on the blog:

‘We want this magazine to go to places – everywhere would be preferable actually, but we mean the far flung corners of India and the world… Over the years, we’ve realised that the online world has its limitations – and it struck us that maybe, just maybe our words weren’t reaching everyone. We wanted to change that – and the Zine is our way of getting the Gaysi Family’s forte: its writings and words into the most accessible form possible – the material pages of a book.’

The Gaysi Zine is available here.