A third of Indian gay men are married to women who have no idea they’re gay

Almost a third of Indian gay men are married to women who have no idea about their husband’s sexuality, according to a new survey.

Conducted by Planet Romeo, the survey asked 3,392 gay, bisexual and transgender men if they have a wife.

33% of survey respondents said yes, but around 28% of these men say their wife doesn’t know they’re gay.

Of these, 71% don’t plan to come out.

The survey then asked if the family of the Indian men pressured them into tying the knot with a woman.

Around 25% responded ‘Yes, very much’ and 26% ‘Yes, a bit’.

More than half of GBT men are not out

Married gay man Aadab (not his real name) previously told Gay Star News: ‘My mum told me if I didn’t marry a woman she would kill herself.’

He’s muslim and goes to the mosque every Friday to pray, but he also has multiple male sexual partners.

He has no intention of coming out as gay or bisexual and he’s not alone.

The survey said more than half of gay, bisexual and transgender men aren’t out.

Furthermore, 44% do not plan to come out, even though India decriminalized homosexuality last month.

India’s Supreme Court ruled on 5 September to abolish the colonial-era Section 377 of the Penal Code.

India has a population of 1.35 billion and and estimated LGBTI population of 78 million making this the biggest decriminalization verdict in history.

It’s estimated the total LGBTI population is 4% of the population, which is around 34 million people.

Judges ruling on the high profile LGBTI rights case said Section 377 was unconstitutional. They also said it violated the right to privacy.

‘Bodily autonomy is individualistic. Expression of intimacy is part of right to privacy,’ Chief Justices of India (CJI) Misra and Khanwilkar said in their judgment.

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