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Indian police get schooled on LGBT issues

Indian police get schooled on LGBT issues

Police in the Indian city of Pune are working to develop guidelines around how officers deal with LGBT people only a year after the city held its first pride march.

Officers from all of the city’s 32 police stations were to have attended a workshop today aimed at creating awareness of the needs and issues faced by LGBT individuals in India.

The workshop was organized by the social security unit of the Police crime branch on the instruction of Pune city police commissioner Gulabrao Pol and crime commissioner Shahaji Solunke and will be conducted by LGBT health advocacy group the Sampathik Trust.

Senior Inspector Bhanupratap Barge told The Times of India that several cases where either a suspect or complainant are LGBT had been referred to his department recently and that these cases had to be handled with care.

‘Small mistakes can lead to mental trauma to the victim or the suspect,’ Barge said.

‘There is a need to train the police in dealing with these cases. There is also a need for guidelines for frisking such persons and for taking them into custody.’

Once guidelines have been drafted they will be sent to the Office of the Director General of Maharashtra state police and the state’s Home Affairs and Law departments for comment and approval.

Nearly a hundred people took part in Pune’s first pride march on December 11 last year which was organized by the Sampathik Trust to mark the tenth anniversary of its fight for the rights of homosexuals in what is India’s eighth largest city.