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Indian police seek red alert to arrest man accused of gay rape

Indian police seek red alert to arrest man accused of gay rape

Police in India’s Maharashtra state are seeking to issue a red alert in the country’s airports for the arrest of a man alleged to be a gay rapist.

According to the Indian media, police have disclosed the identity of the man accused of sodomizing a younger man since 2006 when the victim was a minor.

The alleged rapist, police say, is an employee with a leading airline and is based in Doha, Qatar. 
The 31-year-old has been booked under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Section 377, which makes sodomy a criminal offense, as well as rape.

After the complaint on 12 September, police say they contacted the accused in Doha on his phone and he agreed to return to India to face the investigation.

However, since then the man has been absconding and his mobile phone has been switched off.

Police are said to be processing a red alert notice for the man’s arrest. Once approved by the police commissioner’s office, it will be forwarded to the Bureau of Immigration.

Subsequently, airports across India will be alerted to keep an eye out for the accused and arrest him if he returns from Doha.

It is a complicated situation since the accused now faces arrest and deportation in Qatar as well.

Homosexuality is banned in the Middle Eastern state and offenders, even if they have committed the crime in another country, are liable to be deported.

Another Middle Eastern state Oman recently suspended a newspaper for having carried an article that suggested Oman was more tolerant of LGBTIs than other more conservative members in the Gulf.