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Indian student commits suicide after reporting gay lover

Indian student commits suicide after reporting gay lover

A law student at Awadhesh Pratap Singh University in Rewa, central India committed suicide on Sunday night, after accusing another student of ‘sodomizing’ him for over a year.

According to a report in the Indian Express, police and university authorities believe the suicide victim Ajay Pandole was in a relationship with Ashutosh Dwiwedi, an older student at the university.

Pandole was apparently devasted by Dwiwedi’s decision to give-in to family pressure and get married last year.

On 14 May Pandole registered a complaint against Dwiwedi at the local police station that said Dwiwedi had sexually harassed him for two years and on 12 June he sent a copy of the complaint to the state governor. The complaint was eventually referred to the university.

The Times of India report that the complaint letter said that Pandole would commit suicide on 9 July if the authorities did not respond.

Pandole did not personally share his complaint against Dwiwedi with the university authorities, but last week a newspaper in Rewa reported the details of Pandole’s complaint against Dwivedi.

The Indian Express conclude that it was probably the newspaper report, which led to ‘jokes and ridicule’ from Pandole’s dorm-mates ‘that probably drove him to suicide’.