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Indian trans man who fled to UK fears deportation

Indian trans man who fled to UK fears deportation

A trans man who fled to the UK from India fears if he is deported, he will face ‘torture’ at home.

Sameer Neelam says he was ‘outed’ by the Indian media, and fears if he has to return, he will be made to live as a woman.

He had been working in government in Hyderabad, being forced by society to work as a woman. But in private he was free to dress true to himself.

When others discovered Naleem’s secret, he wanted to kill himself. But instead of taking his own life, he fled to Bradford, northern England.

‘Here I’m considered as what I am,’ Neelam told BBC Look North.

‘In India I can’t dress like this. Nobody counts me as a man.

‘If I open myself as a man in India I will be looked down on, tortured, discriminated, eliminated.’

He added: ‘I’m enjoying my life as a man and if somebody calls me “Mr” or says “he” I feel energetic’

A spokesperson for the Home Office said: ‘It would be inappropriate to comment further while legal proceedings are ongoing.’

Neelam will discover the Home Office’s decision on whether he will be deported in the coming days.

It comes as it was revealed last month in extreme cases gay refuges were being forced to hand over sex videos to prove their sexuality.

In response to this, LGBT rights campaigners have reminded the Home Office all human beings are born free equal in dignity and rights, and such practice is ‘appalling’ and ‘illegal’.