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Indiana church posts anti-LGBTI sign and then gets evicted

Indiana church posts anti-LGBTI sign and then gets evicted

Indiana church sign

A church in Auburn, Indiana has been evicted from their space. The displacement happened after they posted an anti-LGBTI sign.

The ABC affiliate WPTA21 confirmed the news on Saturday (7 July).

Photos of the sign, posted on 27 June, reveal the message: ‘LGBTQ is a hate crime against God, repent.’

It is not explicitly clear if the sign caused the eviction. However, a member of the church confirmed the removal but did not comment on whether or not they were looking at relocating.

A pastor at the church further told WPTA21 the purpose of the message was to ‘reach young people and steer them away from a lifestyle they believe is harmful to them’.

According to another report by The Hill, the church appears to have deleted their Facebook page.

The power of messaging

Churches have come under scrutiny before due to messaging on road signs.

One church in Australia dealt with a lot of flack when it put up a NSFW sign, referencing swallowing and spitting. Another church in Orlando put up the same innuendo-laden sign.

Words do, in fact, have power.

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