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Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana now offers gender neutral ID options

Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana now offers gender neutral ID options

Vice President Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence’s home state Indiana has begun issuing gender neutral drivers license and state ID cards.

The cards use an ‘X’ instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’ to indicate the holder identifies as non-binary.

According to the NBC News, the state updated the gender options to match the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Administrators recommendations.

Applicants can request the identifiers by submitting a physician’s note or an amended birth certificate.

How did it happen? 

It’s the result of years of advocacy.

Indiana Legal Services attorney Katherine Wood pursued changing the ID policy back in January 2017.

After the organization threatened to sue, the BMV agreed to begin issuing the IDs this year

At least two people have obtained the new IDs, according to the organization’s LGBTQ project director, Megan Stuart.

She told NBC News: ‘In a state known for its anti-LGBTQ laws, policies, and politicians, the BMV chose to recognize people with nonbinary genders without a legal battle.’

A ‘relief’

Moreover, Ash Kulak, a nonbinary public defender, is believed to be the second person to obtain one of the newly offered IDs.

Furthermore, Kulak worked alongside Wood to advocate for a non-binary option for nearly two years.

Kulak said: ‘Personally, I like knowing that I can hand over my ID and not have someone immediately know what a doctor thought about my sex assigned at birth, not have someone from an institution try to confirm their suspicions about what I could possibly be.’

What has Pence got to do with this?

However, the news in Indiana carries weight considering it’s where VP Mike Pence governs.

From attending an anti-LGBTI rally to defending his wife’s job at a school that prohibits LGBTI pupils and staff attending, Pence’s track record is not peachy.

In fact, he even signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

While since amended, the act enabled businesses to refuse LGBTI people on the principle of regions beliefs.

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