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Indonesia bans Tumblr over LGBTI content

Indonesia bans Tumblr over LGBTI content

The Indonesian government has said it will ban microblogging platform Tumblr because of its LGBTI content.

The Communications and Information Ministry’s e-business director Azhar Hasyim said Wednesday (17 February) that his office had sent a statement to Tumblr, saying the website would be blocked until it agreed to remove LGBTI content in accordance with the 2008 Pornography Law.

‘If Tumblr then agrees to block pornography and LGBT content from being accessed in Indonesia, we will open (access to) the website again,’ he told The Jakarta Post.

Tumblr is one of 477 sites the Indonesian government is banning for hosting pornographic content, according to reports.

Last week, Indonesian authorities also asked Facebook and Whatsapp to remove LGBTI emojis, stickers and content.

The request came after instant messaging app LINE was ordered to remove emojis of two cartoon men embracing and kissing after a backlash on social media.