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Indonesia threatens to block ‘naughty’ Instagram over gay comic

Indonesia threatens to block ‘naughty’ Instagram over gay comic

alpantuni's gay Muslim comic (Photo: Instagram)

The Information and Communications Minister in Indonesia has threatened to block Instagram in the country.

It wants the social media company to block a user who posts self-drawn comics depicting a gay Muslim, according to CNN Indonesia.

AlPantuni’s Instagram says it posts ‘Gay Muslim comics for people who are able to think’.

It depicts gay men’s experiences. It includes one character who is used for sex by numerous men and becomes a hardline anti-LGBTI religious figure.

Another shows a gay Muslim in a loveless sham marriage.

The majority of comments below alPantuni’s comics are against LGBTI people.


Indonesia’s crackdown on its LGBTI population is intensifying in the run-up to elections in April.

Homosexuality and being transgender is legal in most of Indonesia. But, rising Islamic fundamentalism has led to a crackdown on the community.

Since 2016, authorities have been using blasphemy, pornography and public nuisance laws to arrest LGBTI Indonesians

What’s more, local administrations have also been introducing their own legislation to target the population.


‘Now that Instagram is naughty, what are we to do? We are transparent — do they want to be shut down?’ Minister Rudiantara reportedly asked.

Indonesia has strict pornography laws. It also blocks pornographic websites. It has previously blocked Tumblr and Reddit in the past.

Google and Apple also complied with Indonesia’s requests to remove LGBTI networking apps, such as Grindr, from their online stores in the country.

But, this is the first time Indonesia has gone after big social media.

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