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Indonesia posts youth ambassador advert, says LGBTI people need not apply

Indonesia posts youth ambassador advert, says LGBTI people need not apply

International Day Against Homophobia in Jakarta, Indonesia, 2015

Indonesia’s government has posted an advert for a new youth ambassador position, but says members of the LGBTI community need not apply.

The country has cracked down on homosexuality, making several efforts to isolate and marginalize LGBTI people.

Gay dating apps have been banned, as well as effeminate men on television and classifying homosexuality and transgender as a ‘mental disorder’ that can be ‘cured’. There have been growing calls to criminalize gay sex entirely.

And so in an advert from the country’s government reads: ‘We require someone physically and mentally healthy, not involved in promiscuity and sexually deviant behavior, including LGBT, which should be proven through a doctor’s certificate.’indonesia-advert-youth-ambassadorThe posting said they are looking for someone between the ages of 20 and 27, specifically people in creative fields. ‘Oh the irony,’ one Indonesian said on an online forum, according to Mashable. ‘Don’t they know who is the backbone of the arts and creative industry?’It’s not only some younger people who are supporting LGBTI people, some officials have warned the homophobic sentiment will harm the country’s chances of stopping the increase in HIV infections.

Between 2007 and 2015, HIV among homosexual Indonesians rose from 5.4% to 25.8%, in contrast to falling global rates.