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Indonesia's Commission I recommends LGBTI content be banned online

The country recently banned effeminate men from TV and broadcasters were asked not to promote homosexuality

Indonesia's Commission I recommends LGBTI content be banned online
Wikimedia / Government of Indonesia
Members of Commission I of the House of Representatives said LGBTI content should be banned online.

An Indonesian government commission has recommended the ban of website ‘promoting’ LGBTI matters.

In a hearing the People’s Representative Council, also referred to as the House of Representatives, today (3 March), members of Commission I voiced their support for the Broadcasting Commission’s (KPI) decision to ban effeminate men from TV.

A majority of the commission’s members today agreed on a five-point plan of recommendation for the Ministry of Communications and Information.

According to Indonesian news service rappler, two of the plan’s items stand in relation to LGBTI issues; one of them supported the KPI in strengthening their ban by punishing TV and radio stations disobey the regulations on LGBTI content.

The other item on the plan reportedly recommends the ministry ban or regulate websites which ‘promote and propagandize’ LGBTI issues.

According to newspaper Suara Pambaruan, the plan also states the ministry should take more action to protect children from ‘pornography and other negative things’ circulating on the Internet.

Commission I has similar functions to the United States’ Foreign Relations Committee and the Armed Services Committee.

In February a member of the House, former Prosperous Justice Party leader Tifatul Sembiring, posted a tweet saying gays should be put to death.

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