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Indonesian newspaper publishes guide to spotting gay men ‘to protect kids’

Indonesian newspaper publishes guide to spotting gay men ‘to protect kids’

A Reddit Indonesia user has shared a guide to avoiding gay men that was published by a local newspaper that has attracted ridicule online.

The clipping shows a list of ten signs a man may be gay in Bahasa Indonesia which translated into English reads:

1. Likes to take selfies like an ‘alay’
2. Likes to stare at other men’s behinds
3. Likes to repeatedly stare at men he likes
4. A gay usually cares about his appearance
5. Up to date with fashion
6. Smells nice
7. Wears make up
8. Wears an earring on one of the ears (right)
9. Admires men
10. Wears V neck t-shirts.

The list was originally attributed to Indonesia’s National Commission for the Protection of Children.

However the commission has since clarified that it never issued such a set of guidelines.

‘I wear v-neck. I’m gay?’ one Indonesian Reddit user responded to the post, ‘Seriously though the hate on LGBT in Indonesia is so strong. Our government’s way of thinking is still very backwards.’

‘Oh honey… this is soooo 15 years ago,’ another user responded, ‘Nobody do this anymore just like no gay people wear bandana since the 90s.’
‘We have tinder now, it’s the 2016’s ways, the modern way.’

‘Wait, what if you wear earrings on both ears? Does that mean you swing both ways?’ another user asked.

Homosexuality is legal in Indonesia but in recent weeks an anti-LGBTI climate has been stewing in the world’s most populous Muslim nation – with government ministers making comments attacking homosexuality and a visiting Egyptian imam saying there is a satanic international conspiracy to push acceptance of LGBTI people on the world.