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Intersex concerns over Australia’s Anti-Discrimination Bill

Intersex concerns over Australia’s Anti-Discrimination Bill

Intersex rights advocate Gina Wilson said that Australia’s draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill leaves intersex people vulnerable to discrimination.

‘[Intersex] is not a sexual orientation, it’s actual physical differences,’ Wilson said in an interview with Sydney Morning Herald.

Wilson added that it is ‘vitally important’ that intersex is listed separately as characteristic protected from discrimination. She said that previous attempts by intersex people to challenge state anti-discrimination laws with similar language to the proposed new federal law have been rejected.

A new Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill is currently before the parliament in Australia. LGBTQI rights activists have praised the focus on banning homophobia in sport but criticized exemptions for religious groups.

Organisation Intersex International Australia, which is headed by Wilson, praised Sydney Morning Herald journalist Judith Ireland for ‘excellent coverage’.