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Inventor creates five-way rainbow charge cable to remember friend lost to suicide

Inventor creates five-way rainbow charge cable to remember friend lost to suicide

  • Inventor lost his gay school friend who was too scared to come out. Now the 5-1 rainbow charging cable will help LGBT Foundation.
Rainbow charge cable attached to devices.

When inventor Adam lost his gay friend Jake to suicide, he invented a whole new product to help LGBT+ causes.

DP Building Systems new 5-1 rainbow USB charging cable is not just our favorite new accessory. It’s also got a heartbreaking story behind it.

Inventor Adam’s story

Inventor Adam (name changed) lost his friend Jake (name changed) to suicide. Jake couldn’t face being rejected by his family due to his sexuality.

Adam said:

‘I went to school with Jake in the late 1980s. We were in boarding school together and to be honest life in and out of school was very good.

‘After school we went our separate ways in life. A few years later, we reconnected again on Facebook. We met up and remembered the old times and it was great to look back and catch up.

‘It was at this point that Jake finally came out to me and told me that he was gay. I asked why he had never told me before. Boarding school can be an extremely difficult place, but I had no idea that he was struggling.

‘We continued to meet up in the future years, and in 2008/9 I was informed that Jake had taken his own life.

‘He had left me a letter which was sent to me. In the letter he explained how he had felt over the years, how he felt now.

‘He was in a dark place as he hadn’t told his family. To use his own words: “I am fed up of going to weddings and then being quizzed after by the family when will I be getting married”.

‘He explained that he still hadn’t told his parents or sister and they have no idea. He said he didn’t want to shame his family.’

‘He is a great guy, and very much missed. I just wish he had the support of an organisation like LGBT Foundation. No one should feel that their own option is suicide.’

Rainbow charge cable in use.
The rainbow charge cable in action. LGBT Foundation

Help for the LGBT Foundation

Now, Adam’s company will give £1 from each multi-USB charging cable sold to the LGBT Foundation.

Based in Manchester, northwest England, the charity gives advice, support and information to LGBT+ people around the UK. It helps over 40,000 LGBT+ people each year.

You can buy a charger here.

Paul Martin OBE, chief executive of LGBT Foundation, said:

‘When Adam got in touch with us, our whole team was moved by his story. Each year we receive thousands of calls from people like Jake. Fundamentally, no one should be denied the right to a safe and happy life.

‘I am proud of the life-saving work that LGBT Foundation does in supporting over 40,000 LGBT people every year. Together we can ensure a safe, healthy and equal future where every LGBT person can achieve their full potential.’

Woman using rainbow charging cable.
Inventor will donate to LGBT Foundation for each cable sold. LGBT Foundation

Support for LGBT+ people

LGBT+ people are more likely to struggle with poor mental health. But you can find help and support.

If you need help or you know someone who does, you can find a list of LGBT+ resources and helplines all around the world here.