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Irish PM’s leaked fanboy letter to Kylie Minogue is adorably gay

Irish PM’s leaked fanboy letter to Kylie Minogue is adorably gay

Leo and Kylie | Photos: Wiki

Many gay men of a certain age would jump at the chance to meet Kylie Minogue – including certain heads of state.

In fact Leo Varadkar, the Taoiseach of Ireland, even wrote a gushing fanboy letter to the pop icon last year, it’s been revealed.

The Irish PM used government-headed paper for the handwritten note to the Slow singer.

‘Dear Kylie, Just wanted to drop you a note in advance of the concert in Dublin,’ he wrote. ‘I am really looking forward to it. Am a huge fan! I understand you are staying in the Merrion Hotel which is just across the street from my office in Government Buildings.

‘If you like I’d love to welcome you to Ireland personally.’

‘This is so embarrassing’

The note, which came to light after a Freedom of Information request by, was sent last year on 3 October.

Many thought Varadkar’s note – which his office reportedly twice tried to block being published – was cute. However, some heavily blasted him.

‘This is so embarrassing, once again we are the laughing stock of the world,’ said one critic on Twitter.

The furthermore added: ‘Let him contact Kylie as a private citizen. Not as the Taoisheach.’

Another joked: ‘When head of a country can’t use his power to meet Kylie Jenner, we’ll there’s no point at all been Taoiseach.’

‘I have the receipt to prove it too’

Leo did eventually meet Kylie at one of her concerts later that year in Dublin, along with his partner Matthew Barrett.

He later hit back at Twitter rumors that he got a free dinner while at the concert.

‘There was no meal, we only had drinks and I paid. I have the receipt to prove it too’

Australia-native Kylie is of course known for hits like Spinning Around and Can’t Get You Out of My Head.

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