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Is Carly Rae Jepsen about to drop a visual album on Netflix?

Is Carly Rae Jepsen about to drop a visual album on Netflix?

a black and white shot of carly rae jepsen who is looking over her shoulder. her short blonde bob hair is slicked back

Pop goddess Carly Rae Jepsen and streaming giant Netflix have been teasing fans about a huge announcement on Twitter.

Jepsen’s whose hits include Call Me Maybe and I Really Like You is a beloved performer among the LGBTI community. The 33-year-old Canadian is also a critically acclaimed pop star. 

The Netflix US Twitter account tweeted Jepsen saying: ‘honestly, i cant wait for tomorrow morning!!!!’.

To which Jepsen cryptically replied: ‘when shall we NoTIFY them?! 🙈’

What does it mean?

Jepsen fans quickly went online to speculate what the tweets could mean.

One Reddit user, surejan94,  came up with the following possibilities:

  • ‘They’re either putting up Grease Live or Leap (that animated movie about Ballerinas).
  • She actually has a visual album being released on Netflix
  • She has a concert movie coming out
  • She’s releasing a song for some new Netflix Original show
  • She’s starring in some new TV show??? I honestly have no idea.’

Many users tried to decode Jepsen’s use of capital letters in the word ‘NoTIFY’.

‘NoTIFY/NTIFY means Now That I’ve Found You, which leaked in really poor quality over a year ago but is really good. I would guess that this will be the song in the trailer,’ Reddit user, warmishblood, wrote.

It is not the first time Jepsen has collaborated with Netflix. Last year she narrated the season finale of the docuseries, Explained.

In 2016 she starred in the animated feature Leap about Ballerinas which aired on Netflix. In the same year she also starred as Frenchie in the live TV version of Grease.

Jepsen released the lead single from her upcoming fourth studio album in November last year. The single called Party For One, celebrated masturbation and self-love. Her much anticipated fourth album will be her first since 2015’s Emotion.

The announcement will be made on the morning of 14 February (US time).