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Is Simon Cowell’s new £15 million mansion haunted by a gay ghost?

Is Simon Cowell’s new £15 million mansion haunted by a gay ghost?

Simon Cowell might have to call a gay Ghostbuster | Photo: America's Got Talent/NBC

Simon Cowell is haunted by a gay ghost, according to the former owner of the TV star’s new £15 million mansion.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who believes in paranormal spirits, may need to call a Ghostbuster with this problem.

His most recent real estate investment is believed to be haunted by the spirit of a gay Roman.

Simon Cowell’s new £15 million mansion ‘haunted by a gay ghost’ 

Former owner Christian Levett claims the London mansion is haunted by Antinous – the lover of Hadrian.

Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire from 117 to 138.

Levett claims, according to The Sun, that he unleashed the Bithynian Greek’s spirit onto the property.

The hedge-fund billionaire said he bought a statue of Antinous in 2014.

‘It was delivered in a crate,’ he said. ‘When I was locking up, I heard the sound of heavy objects being knocked over from the drawing room where Antinous was still lying in his box. The same happened the next two nights. But there was nobody there.’

A neighbor, allegedly, has further added credence to the story.

Who is Simon Cowell’s poltergeist? 

Antinous was a favorite of Hadrian by 128, according to historians. Considered ‘particularly beautiful’, the two shared two years together.

He died in October 130 under mysterious circumstances, when on a voyage along the Nile.

It is still a mystery of why he died. Many speculated he was murdered by other members of the Empire.

Following his death, Hadrian deified Antinous and founded a cult devoted to his worship. A city named after Antinous was founded after his place of death.

Hadrian also founded games in commemoration of Antinous.

Simon Cowell’s previous ‘ghost’ experience

Cowell is apparently not a stranger to the paranormal.

The music tycoon said he lived in a previous home that had a poltergeist.

‘[The dead] just want to make contact and say hello,’ he told The Sun three years ago

‘My mum and dad were staying with me and I heard this banging on the door.

‘I went to their room and said: “You were banging on my door?” and they said: “It wasn’t us.”

‘There was a dog in the house freaking out too. The following day I heard this crashing noise and all the stuff had fallen in the kitchen. There was no logical explanation. There was no wind but there was definitely a presence. But I wasn’t afraid.’

This encounter resulted in an exorcism, Simon later revealed.

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