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ISIS beheads three gay men in Iraq

ISIS beheads three gay men in Iraq

Islamic extremists have beheaded three gay men in Iraq.

In pictures published on social media, it shows men blindfolded and knelt in front of a huge crowd in an unidentified province in the northern city of Nineveh.

A masked executioner, dressed in black, wields a long, rusty and bloody sword.

While the bodies were not shown, it is claimed the three young men were killed for ‘blasphemy’. Under Islamic State-imposed sharia law, homosexuality is punishable by death.

Unconfirmed social media reports have suggested two of the men, who look to be in their late teens or early 20s, were a couple.

The beheadings have not been independently verified.

Since ISIS, also known as Daesh, have taken control of territory in Iraq and Syria, there have been several executions of gay people, with many thrown off buildings or stoned to death. They have branded homosexuals the ‘worst of creatures’.