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ISIS children stone two gay men to death

ISIS children stone two gay men to death

Children help murder two gay men

A video has revealed the moment that two gay men, blindfolded and bound, were thrown off a roof by Islamic extremists and then stoned to death by children in Syria.

In the bloody and brutal media released by ISIS militants, it shows the two men accused of being gay being killed in the latest string of rooftop executions.

This is the moment a ‘gay’ man was thrown to his death

Running over six minutes, it shows a crowd listening to the justification for the killing. The two men are then thrown blindfolded off the roof. While the stoning itself isn’t shown,  the crowd are seen surging forward as the men lie twisted and broken on the floor.

The crowd included children

The blood spattered rocks are then seen on the ground alongside the bodies.

The two men are then seen dead on the ground

These deaths are just adding to the dozens of killings of gay men under the depraved ISIS regime. ISIS have branded LGBTI people the ‘worst of creatures’. Many Muslims have criticized this, with some saying these extremists are misinterpreting the Qu’ran and that it does not state that homosexuality is a sin at all.

To ‘celebrate’ the US passing marriage equality, terrorists threw four gay men off a building in Raqqa, Syria on 26 June.

Mocking the message of victory, they posted: ‘Executed 4 GAY people by throwing him from High building in front of the people #LoveWins #IS.’