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ISIS fighters have murdered another gay man in Syria

ISIS fighters have murdered another gay man in Syria

Another man suspected of being a homosexual by Islamic State fighters in Syria has been stoned to death, according to a report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights on Wednesday.

The execution occurred on the province of Homs, in Western Syria though the name of the victim or the exact date or location of the killing remain unknown.

Images of the killing that were published online show around a dozen men in military fatigues hurling rocks at a man they have blindfolded and made to run through a field as a group of civilians watch on.

Whether the execution was sanctioned by an Islamic State sharia court or whether it was an extra-judicial killing by militants acting on their own is unknown at this point.

However in the past Islamic State courts have ordered that suspected homosexual be thrown from tall buildings to kill them as the preferred method of execution – though victims have often been stoned to death on the ground if the fall failed to kill them.