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Islamist paper claims: Gay and left-wingers conspire against Egyptian society

Islamist paper claims: Gay and left-wingers conspire against Egyptian society

Al-Maseryoon daily claimed that left-wing activists have joined forces with gays in an anti-religious ‘conspiracy’ to impose LGBT rights on Egyptian society.

The paper stated late last week that ‘forces of modernists and youths affiliated with the revolution’ are attempting to break Egyptian society’s taboo on homosexuality.

It named famous activists who were instrumental in the Egyptian revolution as ‘promoting’ a ‘homosexual agenda’ ‘under a revolutionary contrived mask’.

The paper singled out award winning blogger and political activist, Alaa Abd El-Fattah, as having called ‘for freedom [for gays] and called for gay marriage, which he considered as their right’.

The paper further stated that Fattah has tweeted several ‘tweets encouraging gays.. and supporting the case of homosexuality in Egypt, … as a stable entity and recognized within Egyptian society’.

The paper also noted that more ‘evidence’ of this ‘conspiracy’ can be found in an open letter that Fattah published which mentions his support for LGBT rights in Egypt.

The paper suggests that the ‘conspirators’ are haters of Islam and morally corrupt.

It cites as ‘evidence’ the famous blogger Kareem Amer who it says supports sexual liberation (including LGBT) in Egypt.

But his methods, according to the paper, ‘consist of contempt towards his former religion [Islam] when he called the month of Ramadan the “month of hypocrisy”’.

Further ‘evidence’ to the ‘anti-religious’ ‘left-wing’ ‘surprise’ ‘collaboration’ with gays is feminist Alia Al-Mahdi, Amer’s girlfriend, who posed nude in front of the Egyptian embassy in Sweden.

The paper curiously links the activists to the ‘emergence of “the National day for Homosexuality in Egypt” which its membership on Facebook number now nearly 9,000.

It noted that the page demanded that people come out and march on Tahrir square on the first of January to demand gay rights, but ‘did not succeed to deliver’.

Nevertheless, the paper claims, the date has ‘been marked to be the date of "The National Day for Homosexuality in Egypt".’

But since the ‘activists’ plans for a march were ‘thwarted’ they set up the gay magazine ‘Ehna.’

‘The organizers also sought to collect signatures to appeal to some international organizations to support their cause in Egypt. And it did not stop there, but published a statement confirming that there isn’t a clear prohibition of homosexuality … through providing a distorted interpretation of the Quran’.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Ali, a 24-year-old law student from Cairo said: ‘There has been growing critique from the many leading Egyptian activists against the Muslim Brotherhood and president Morsi, especially regarding the constitution.

‘This is a pathetic attempt to smear courageous activists and revolutionaries and depict them as being anti-religious and pro-gay.

‘Most of my gay friends didn’t believe a thing about this gay-day and we don’t know who is behind it, certainly not the LGBT movements in Egypt or the bloggers mentioned above.

‘The attempt to link everything together, including Enha, which closed down last year because of security concerns, just smacks of scare tactics and attempts to discredit independent and free voices’.

Georges Azzi, the executive director for the Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality and founder of the Lebanese LGBT advocacy group Helem told GSN: ‘This is becoming an old game where conservatives are trying to scare people from left wing liberal ideologies as being a threat to society.

‘The use of Alia holding the Quran naked as an example representing all the liberals is ridiculous.

‘The fact that Egyptian Islamists are using the same strategies as their counterparts in Tunisia is not a secret anymore.

‘I hope that Egyptian left wing activists won’t be scared by such articles and start dropping the right of minorities from their agendas’.