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Israel issues new ID cards to children of same-sex parents

New cards list 'father's name' or 'mother's name' twice

Israel issues new ID cards to children of same-sex parents

Israel’s Interior Ministry yesterday (17 November) started issuing new identity cards to the children of gay parents that recognize they have two fathers or mothers.

Previously, all ID cards listed ‘mother’s name’ and ‘father’s name,’ even though the middle eastern country has recognized gay parents since 2006. On the new cards, ‘father’s name’ or ‘mother’s name’ appear twice.

The change comes after three families with gay parents petitioned the Population, Immigration and Border Authority.

Noa Evron, 20, was the first to receive one of the new ID cards.

She is the daughter of lesbians Aviva and Yehudit, but Aviva was listed as her father on her ID.

Aviva told Haaretz newspaper that when Noa responded to her first army call-up notice, she was asked if her mother was once her father.

‘We don’t want such an unpleasant situation that will make her have to explain things,’ she said.

‘This is simply a correction of a distortion in a series of distortions relating to same-sex parenthood.’

Michal Eden and Ira Hadar, the attorneys who represented the families, said their clients were just ‘a small sampling of hundreds who are listed in the population registry as the sons and daughters of two mothers or two fathers.’

‘It’s inconceivable that these thousands of boys and girls will not have their parents correctly registered in their ID cards,’ they wrote in the court petition.

A bill that would allow LGBTI people to have children through surrogates passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament last week as more gay couples travel abroad to use foreign surrogates.

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