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Israel politician: ‘I’m a proud homophobe’

Israel politician: ‘I’m a proud homophobe’

A likely parliamentary candidate in Israel has declared himself a ‘proud homophobe.’

Bezalel Smotrich made the comment Sunday (22 February) during an anti-gay rant at a high school in Tel Aviv.

‘At home, everyone can be abnormal and people can form whatever family unit they want,’ he said. ‘But they can’t make demands from me, as the state.’

In 2006, Smotrich organized an anti-gay Beast Parade in Jerusalem in response to the city’s annual pride march, which he said he regretted last month.

He said gay people ‘feel uncomfortable with being abnormal, it isn’t fun. So when they come out, they go out and boast about it.’

‘They don’t have the right — just because they are uncomfortable being abnormal — to demand of us all to redefine the norm and claim "there is no such thing as normal."’

One student interrupted Smotrich and called his remarks homophobic, to which he responded: ‘I am a proud homophobe.’

Smotrich is number eight on the Jewish Home Knesset list which means he is likely to enter parliament after elections in March.