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Israeli doctor sacked from ethics committee after labeling gay people ‘perverts’

Israeli doctor sacked from ethics committee after labeling gay people ‘perverts’

Israel’s Medical Association has removed a religious doctor from its ethics committee after he posted a homophobic spray to an online forum for family doctors – not realizing that around a dozen of the other doctors participating were gay.

Dr Sudi Namir wrote of gay people, ‘I feel sorry and pray for all those who are sick in their bodies and minds.’

‘A pervert is a pervert is a pervert, you can call him whatever you want, he’s a pervert. All the abominations of yesterday have become today’s norm.’

Dr Namir made the comment after some in the forum expressed the view that homosexuality was not wrong and was a normal part of some people’s nature as part of a discussion of the issue of same-sex parenting and surrogacy.

Dr Namir told Arutz Sheva Israel National News that hearing that opinion had set him off.

‘I expressed myself very forcefully and said that today, same-sex couples are the limit, but it can reach worse deviations, since secular morality has no border and lacks a strong value system like we have from the Torah,’ he said.

‘There is no doubt that it can lead to legitimacy for horrible things.’

Dr Namir says he immediately apologized to the other doctors for the tone with which he had expressed that view – but not the view itself.

‘Once I became aware of the matter, I wrote a letter of apology to those I had offended but I emphasized that we will not be tolerant toward this phenomenon and we will fight for the sanctity of this land, for the purity of family,’ Dr Namir said.

‘They want to bring the filth that began in the United States to Israel. There is no doubt that what this limited community wants is to fight for legitimacy, for ugliness and abomination and we will not let this happen.’