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It gets worse: Uganda drafts new anti-gay law

It gets worse: Uganda drafts new anti-gay law

Uganda is to draft a new anti-gay law banning non-governmental organizations promoting gay sex as the situation for LGBTI people shows no sign of getting better.

This draft legislation would ban foreign non-government organizations from helping LGBTI people.

The law passed in February made it illegal to promote homosexuality and introduced life sentences for having gay sex.

Critics fear that life-saving work, like the US-run HIV charity Walter Reed Project that was raided earlier this month, would be shut down under the new possible law.

‘’There are some NGOs who have come here to undermine us, to promote very bad behavior like homosexuality,’ junior internal affairs minister, James Baba told Reuters.

‘As a responsible government we need to check that. [NGOs] will not be able to do that when we pass this law.’

Foreign NGOs will be completely barred from commenting or involving themselves in Ugandan politics.

‘As a foreign NGO, what stake do you have in our politics?’ Baba asked.

‘Our nationals have every right to put their government to task and to question the performance of government, but outsiders should not have this privilege.’