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Italian Democrats ask for same-sex unions

Italian Democrats ask for same-sex unions

Pier Luigi Bersani, leader of the Italian PD (Democrat Party) has called for more rights for LGBT people in an interview by the national newspaper l’Unità.

Bersani said: ‘If we’ll ever win the elections and form a cabinet, we’ll have to do something to recognize same-sex unions. But don’t call it “marriage”, because our constitution does not allow it.’

Polls show PD is currently Italy’s most popular party. Bersani’s move came in response to Barack Obama’s stance on gay marriage.

Bersani added: ‘We have to say no to the Far West [an anarchic situation]. This is a situation that must be ruled on, because same-sex couples have not any rights. But our main law, the constitution, is not so flexible to allow same-sex marriage.’

In Italy, LGBT associations have asked Bersani to act; also some gay and lesbian Democrats have called on the PD leader to follow the example coming from other European countries.

Anna Paola Concia, a PD member of parliament, said: ‘Our country has been waiting a law for the last 30 years. Now it’s time to decide to give same-sex couples rights and freedom.’

Gay activist and member of the regional parliament of Emilia-Romagna Franco Grillini, of the IDV party (Italy of Values), replied to Bersani: ‘It is not true that our constitution does not allow gay marriage. The Corte di Cassazione (one of Italy’s high courts) recently ruled that same-sex couples can ask a tribunal to recognize their rights.’