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Italian gay disabled people star in documentary

The creators of Sesso, Amore & Disabilità are trying to raise funds to compete to national festivals

Italian gay disabled people star in documentary

A documentary about the sexual life of disabled Italians, including lesbians and gays, is going to be released in Bologna and will compete in national film festivals.

Named Sesso, Amore & Disabilità (Sex, Love and Disability) it is one of the first Italian documentaries about disabled people’s sexual behaviour.

Adriano Silanus, Priscilla Berardi, Raffaele Lelleri, Valeria Alpi and Jonathan Mastellari of the Biblioteca Vivente di Bologna (the 'living' library of the northern Italian city of Bologna) filmed several characters who explain their approach to sex and love.

Director Adriano Silanus told Gay Star News: ‘With our work, we want to promote these issues and to contribute to making disabled people more self-aware.

'We also want to help those working in this field to fully understand disabled people's rights, needs and achievements.’

The authors are now trying to raise funds with Produzioni dal Basso, a online fundraising site. Everyone can contribute to the documentary, giving money to produce at least 200 copies of the 75 minutes long film and to promote it.

The project started two years ago, after the publication of Omodisabili, a collection of short studies about homosexuality and disability by Priscilla Berardi and Raffaele Lelleri.

Director Silanus added: ‘This documentary is a sort of big coming out of disabled people. There are a lot of similarities between disabled and gay love, in Italy: marginalization in society, no rights, social stigma and difficulties in finding a partner.'

Watch a trailer for the movie here (in Italian):

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