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Italian ‘gays are insane’ insult party asks for votes on Grindr

Italian ‘gays are insane’ insult party asks for votes on Grindr

Italian party Lega Nord has started campaigning on the gay dating mobile application Grindr.

Lega Nord, which wants ‘more freedom’ for the north of the country and to separate from the poorer south of Italy, is well known for the homophobic remarks of some of its politicians.

An advert appeared on Grindr two days ago, promoting the Lega Nord leader’s run to be president of the Lombardy region. The elections are due early this spring.

Lega Nord leader Roberto Maroni is asking gay men to support his policies and his ideas.

But, in Italy, many LGBT commentators have criticized the move and the campaign.

Marcello Signore, writer and anchorman at Deejay Television, wrote on his blog: ‘When I saw Maroni on Grindr, he made me think of a guest who comes into my house and spits on my face.’

Signore remembers some gay remarks by some Lega Nord politicians: ‘They said that it’s better having a son in law from Morocco than a gay daughter. They also said that gay men kissing in public should be fined because they are insane.’

The ad campaign has been widely reported in Italian media but commentators in the country appear puzzled about the real reasons behind Maroni’s decision to run it.