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Italian parliament turns rainbow again

Italian parliament turns rainbow again

Four gay Italian politicians have become members of parliament in the last general election (24 and 25 February).

Sergio Lo Giudice, Alessandro Zan, Nichi Vendola and Ivan Scalfarotto have now a seat in one of the two chambers of the Italian parliament.

Lesbian politician Anna Paola Concia, who was the only LGBT representative in the last parliament, has not been elected.

Former Arcigay’s president and local councillor with Partito Democratico Sergio Lo Giudice has been elected in the Italian Senato, the higher chamber.

Before the elections, Lo Giudice promised to fight a battle in favor of gay marriage or, at least, same-sex unions.

Ivan Scalfarotto, a former candidate to the Partito Democratico’s primaries, has been elected in the Camera, the lower chamber, like Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà party’s Nichi Vendola and Alessandro Zan.

Zan posted on Facebook: ‘Unfortunately the Italian Senato is blocked and there’s no clear majority. It will be a hard job.’

In fact, while the left won the lower chamber, the higher chamber split between the two main parties: Partito Democratico and former premier Silvio Berlusconi’s Popolo della Libertà.