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Italian police chief backs the idea of gay cops

Italian police chief backs the idea of gay cops

The deputy head officer of the Italian Police has welcomed the idea of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender cops.

Interviewed by the Huffington Post Italia, Francesco Cirillo said: ‘The Italian police is open to everyone, LGBT people as well.’

The suspension of a Milan policeman made the headlines last week in Italy.

The man was suspended for a month for having published on a dating website a picture of himself dressed as a woman. His sexuality is unknown but it has prompted questions about LGBT police officers.

‘This is a normal decision,’ Cirillo added. ‘This man did not respect the rules, but he has not been suspended for being gay.’

Cirillo is also responsible for the Italian Oscad, Osservatorio per la Sicurezza contro gli Atti Discriminatori, an anti-discrimination group founded by the Italian Ministry of the Interior.

Cirillo added: ‘ A gay or lesbian could be head of the Italian police as well. We are not like Scotland Yard, the London police, we don’t ask if a policeman or policewoman are gay or lesbian.

‘What I want to say is that homosexuality is an aspect of our private lives and we don’t need to know if our militaries are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.’

Interviewer Klaus Davi told Cirillo: ‘Do you know that, every year, at the London Pride there’s an LGBT section of the Metropolitan Police?’

Cirillo answered: ‘Yes, I know, but I think that now in Italy we are going towards a better society.’