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Italian politician: 'Gays are ill and can't procreate'

Romano La Russa, Lombardy's secretary of security, attacked LGBT citizens but the Milan assembly refused to censor him

Italian politician: 'Gays are ill and can't procreate'

An Italian politician has launched an unprecedented attack against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens of the Mediterranean country.

Romano La Russa, the secretary of security for the Lombardy region, said: ‘Gays are ill. If everyone becomes gay, our society will disappear. We need couples made of men and women: only straight couples can procreate.’

La Russa is also the brother of the former national defense secretary Ignazio La Russa. Both are in the PDL party, the movement founded by the former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

The Lombard regional assembly refused to censor him and his speech. La Russa firstly spoke in a radio programme, then repeated his speech in the assembly.

He added: ‘Sometimes gays are arrogant and they flaunt their sexual behaviour. Gay prides are offensive to straight citizens. We have to listen to those psychologists who try to cure homosexuality.’

La Russa’s words are exceptional even for Italian politics which is often homophobic.

Ivan Scalfarotto, deputy leader of the left-wing party PD, replied: ‘Italian right-wing politicians have lost their morality. PDL has got to hide its national problems and that is why the attack against LGBT citizens has consolidated their support.’

The Italian president, Giorgio Napolitano, has recently spoken against homophobia.

Stefano Zamponi, a Lombard politician of the Italia dei Valori Party (Italy of Values) said: ‘What La Russa expressed is against the European laws and is against Napolitano’s speech.’

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