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Italian politicians back civil unions for same-sex couples

Italian politicians back civil unions for same-sex couples

Tom York and Alberto Milazzo protesting for civil unions.

Italy’s lower house of parliament has voted 369-193 in favour of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s bill to introduce same-sex civil unions.

To become law, there will be final vote later today around 6pm local time.

With a healthy majority, this is likely going to be the case.

Despite the attempts from opposition politicians to block the bill, they did win on two fronts.

A section, which required the need for faithfulness and fidelity in a civil union, was removed due to fears that requiring a gay couple to not cheat would be ‘too similar to marriage’.  This means that adultery would not be a specific reason for a same-sex couple to dissolve their civil union.

Another part, which allowed person to adopt their same-sex partner’s biological child, was also removed.

Italy is the last major western European country to formally recognize same-sex unions.