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Italian Supreme Court says gay parents are as good as straight ones

Italian Supreme Court says gay parents are as good as straight ones

The Supreme Court of Italy has ruled that same sex couples can be as good parents as opposite sex couples.

According to APF the court made the ruling on Friday, stating ‘There is no scientific certainty or concrete evidence but only prejudice [to say that] living in a homosexual family is damaging for the growth of a child.’

The ruling was on a custody dispute where a heterosexual father had brought a case against his former partner who was now living with a woman.

The ruling was welcomed by Italian LGBT rights group Arcigay.

‘Once again an Italian court [has found in favor of a] family made up of people of the same sex,’ said Arcigay president Flavio Romans.

‘The Supreme Court reiterates … that a child grows up in a family of a mum and mum or dad and dad in exactly the same way as a child growing up in a family men and women does.’

‘Today’s ruling is an historic event that will powerfully assist a future majority to finally legislate for marriage between persons of the same sex and full equality for their families.’

‘In Italy today there are thousands of sons and daughters of same-sex couples who are discriminated against by law.’

In May this year the Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values) party became the first to make same-sex marriage a party priority following the announcement by US President Barack Obama that he personally supported marriage rights for same sex couples.

However adoption by same-sex couples remains illegal in the majority Catholic country.